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What is the easiest recipe to make Baklawa ?

  Turkish cuisine is characterized by diversity , the richness of its recipes and dishes , but it is not appreciated enough among the countries of the European world . 

               Through the ages , Europe has experienced a series of changes , migrations of Turks and cultures between neighboring countries ( like Balkans , Iran , the Middle East and Greece ) ,  which inevitably affected the formation of cooking Turkish .

              We can not talk about Turkey without talking about its cakes in many countries , which are known to be accompanied bye the or Turkish coffee as a snack , and among the most Turkish famous cakes , we find Baklawa , which is the main subject of today’s article .

Moroccan Baklawa
Moroccan Baklawa

baklawa cake:

               The origin of this delicious baklawa cake is due to the ancient Ottoman and Persian empires , and this dessert is found in Arab and Asian cuisines , Middle Eastern cuisines ,  Shami ,  Maghreb,  Turk ,  Sud-Asian, Qaqazi and the Balkan empires , which is a traditional dessert consisting of  filo paste and as a filling ,  nuts,    almonds or  pistachios and drizzled with honey can allbe used .

              Some are likely to name this magnificent  dessert in the name of the wife of the Sultan of the Empire  Ottoman , because she was the one who created  it .

One day , her¬†husband¬† asked her to bring him a delicious dessert that he had¬† never¬† tasted¬† until now ¬†¬†then , ¬†¬†she mixed the ingredients and put them in some kind of dough and after the end of cooking , she watered it using melted¬† honey ,¬†and after tasting it the sultan admired ¬†his unique taste ¬†and decided to name the dessert on his wife\’s name as a kind of thank you for gratitude , appreciation and respect .

          There are many types of baklawa  where we find : Baklawa with pistachios ,  Sarbian baklawa , which is made from phyllo paste ,  nuts  and honey . Turkich Baklawa , it has a rectangular gratin shape and made from phyllo paste ,  almonds or crushed dried fruits and syrup based on sugar / honey and lemon . Thelatter is considered the most famous .

Traditional Moroccan Baklawa
Traditional Moroccan Baklawa

Baklawa is an  oriental pastry with almonds and syrup as already mentioned above . This  cake contains a lot of  carbohydrates , a lot of  protein and a lot of  fat  per 100 grams . The macronutrients it contains can help provide energy to cells , build and maintain muscle and bone tissue ,  as well as compose and maintain them .  It contains a very powerful nutritional value .


First of all , the ingredients :

  • 250 g of nuts ¬†.
  • 10 sheets ¬†of filo .
  • 150 g of almonds.
  • 100 g of ¬†sugar ¬†
  • 125 g of ¬†untreated pistachios ¬†.
  • 200 grams of honey.
  • 150 g of butter .
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon ¬†.
  • 4 teaspoons of orange blossom water .


Preparation :

1- In the food processor , mix  the  nuts  and  almonds until you get a mixture of small pieces .

2- In a bowl , add to the nuts soft sugar and half the amount of orange blossom water , that is , 2 tablespoons and only 100 grams of melted butter .  

3- Melt the remaining butter . 

4- Preheat the oven to 200 ¬įC .

5- In the dish that will be inserted into the oven , lay out half the amount of filo sheets to take the form of the dish with butter spread  with a brush .

6- Then pour the mixture that has already been prepared. After that ,put on top the rest of the leaves of the greased filo with melted butter then sprinkle cinnamon .

7- Place in the oven for 20 minutes until the surface becomes brownish .

8- With a sharp knife , cut your  baklawa  into pieces of a  small  shape .  All morals must be the same size .

9- Heat some  honey and  add  2 tablespoons  of orange blossom water.

10-Finally , water the baklawa  with honey while it is hot and let it  cool . 

And here  your cake is ready .


How to prepare filo dough?

          If you want to prepare the filo dough instead of buying it at the store , here is the recipe to follow and it will not take much time .

Yufka ,  Malsuka ,  Diol and  Feuillet , are all names that means  filo paste ,  a thin and fine  paste ,  used in the preparation of  baklawa .  

Here are the ingredients  you will need a:

  • 350 g of flour .
  • 50 grams of maize or corn starch .
  • 110 g of butter .
  • ¬†A little bit of salt .
  • Almost a half – cup of water .
  • An average half cup of orange blossom water .


How to prepare it :

1-In a bowl , put  the flour , corn starch , butter , salt , water and flower blossom water and mix and let stand for 20 minutes .

2- Cut the dough into small equal pieces .

3- Lay each piece individually using a little bit of flour . 

4- Place layers of dough with starch between each dough and the stuffing  .

5- Cover it  well until it is used  .

And that\’s it , your dough is ready , you can use it now.


Baklawa is very popular here in Morocco . It is a delicious sweet cake .

What do you think of this recipe ? And how much time did you spend while cooking it ? Do not hesitate to share with us your opinions as well as your preparations in the comment section .

Reading your feedbacks always makes us happy .