«Gatô takes you on a traditional Moroccan journey par excellence.»

Discover an exhibition of artisanal Moroccan pastries highlighting the flavors of Moroccan gastronomy through an inventive concept.
Our renowned chef unveils a wide range of the most delicious pastries in the ochre city of Marrakech, known as the clay that preserves the imprints of our distant ancestors.
In its flavors, ingredients “organic products” and manufacturing secrets, we find all the roots that have nourished Morocco since the dawn of time, the influences that have come to color its culture, the women, men and peoples who have joined it over the centuries.
Imbued with Mediterranean, Oriental, Turkish, Andalusian and Jewish inspirations, the sweet delicacies that line Moroccan tables form an extraordinary mosaic of the senses, made up of successive layers.
Thus, the Berber ancestors used to eat flaky pancakes called rghaif or beghrir. This pancake made of semolina, flour and yeast, eaten hot and dipped in butter, honey and sometimes almonds, still occupies a central place at the breakfast table.

The Pâtisserie Gatô blog reflects the national dimension of Moroccan pastry par excellence. These digital publications not only expose the genesis and recipes of these cakes but also try to highlight their particularities.
Notably designed by our renowned chef, this blog will allow you to familiarize yourself more fully with our Moroccan pastries, and this, by displaying in all transparency the ostensible steps of our achievements. This blog will also allow you to discover different organic products and also natural plants “herbalism” used.
By extension, we will be honored to expose any allegations and testimonies emanating from our kind customers, and this, in order to grant you the faculty to make your choice in all product knowledge.

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Pastries from Morocco

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Moroccan Gastronomy

The delights of Moroccan gastronomy. What are the Moroccan specialties? Gastronomy & Moroccan Cuisine. The Moroccan cuisine is recognized throughout the world. Let yourself be enchanted by these Moroccan cuisine recipes….
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