Are you perhaps looking for an easy recipe to make Msemen ? Is it your first time cooking it ? You found the right article

               The diversity of Moroccan cuisine is due to its openness to several

cultures , including Amazigh culture , although Amazighe cuisine is less famous than Moroccan Cuisine , but Morocco owes to Amazigh cuisine many recipes , including the dish we will prepare today .  

The Msemen is our article star for today  .  

Moroccan Msemen Mlawi  Rghaif  Square Moroccan Pancakes
Moroccan Msemen Mlawi Rghaif Square Moroccan Pancakes

The msemen is a kind of pancake of Amazigh origin , which is very popular in the Maghreb ( in Morocco , Tunisia and Algeria too ) it is present in the table of all Arabs .  Althoughit this dish is really simple ; it remains very special and loved by everyone  .

The msemenis a form of \” pancake \” or bread that usually has a square shape , sometimes we find it in a ¬†round shape.¬† Its name in Berber means \”well cooked\” or, ¬†\” well kneaded \” . ¬†

These pancakes  are mainly eaten with honey and smen, honey and butter ,  cheese ,  jam sometimes or simply nature.  The msemen can be sweet as it can be eaten salty . Just change a few ingredients and cook with a couple of different elements to get salty msemen . As for the stuffing ,  you can opt for minced meat ,  onions and pepper, or msemen with khlii which is also very good . 

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† It can even be used as a key ingredient in the preparation of a dish , like for example¬† \”refissa\”, ¬†which is a very popular ¬†dish in Morocco . The msemen overlayer and flattened then cut into medium pieces , a¬† sausage is added so that it is not very dry .¬† It is served with onions , chicken or ¬†pigeon .¬†

           Moroccans like to taste and savor this delight with honey and melted butter around a round table with mint tea, in the afternoon of a long cold autumn or winter day . It can sometimes be accompanied by a cup of hot coffee , and it can be served as a dish  in breakfast or in the holy month of Ramadan accompanied by chebakia.  

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The names of Msemen vary from country to country and from city to another in Morocco . Let\’s call it al – Mallawi ¬†or ¬†RAGHIFor they even call it Al marfouq in the region of Tawert ,¬†in¬† Tunisia , the ¬†msemen also has the same name as in Morocco . ¬†They call it Malawi¬† ,¬† and in Algeria it ¬†has many names, including :¬† Khanshala , Um Al – Bawaqi¬† , Shalf , ¬†etc …

       What distinguishes this oriental dish is that you can make large quantities of it and keep it until you want to use it.

Here is a simple and effective way to conserve and store it properly :

       You can put it in a clean towel which has been placed in freezer bags , and then put it in a clean towel and cover it with aluminum foil in order to maintain its moisture and then put it in a hot sauce pan without oil to refresh it and that it regains its basic texture again .  

If this is your  first time preparing the Moroccan mseme  , get ready to have a little small workout. Its preparation requires a certain physical effort , it must be well  kneaded .  

Here’s how ¬†to prepare it :

The ingredients you’ll need :

  • 400 g of flour ¬†.
  • 400 g of durum semolina¬†( soft wheat ) .
  • 12 g of salt .
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder ¬†.
  • A little oil.

Method and steps of realization :

  • Mix the flour , semolina¬† and add a little salt in a bowl . ¬†
  • Add water and mix well until the consistency is soft smooth .

3- Now it will be necessary to knead the dough with the help of your fists  , gradually adding water to relax the dough  and repeat this action for at least 20 minutes  .

4- When you’re done , grease your hands with¬†filtered butter¬†¬†and divide the dough to small balls . Then place it in an oil -greased dish .

5 ‚Äď Cover your dough with a sticky film and let it act for about ten minutes and during that moment .

Mix soft semolina  and baking  powder together in a bowl .

And in another bowl put the oil and butter to prepare it .

6. Then , spread a ball of dough on a surface greased with oil – so that it does not stick – until the dough becomes semi-transparent .

7- Sprinkle the mixture with butter  and  oil andupweed the mixture of  semolina  and yeast .  

8- Then fold each side and bring it to the center until you get a square shape .

9- Spread another piece of dough without bending it and place the first wrapped square in the middle .

How to cook Msemen ?

1- Once all the pancakes are finished , take back each box and then dispatch it slightly to enlarge it and so that it is a little thin , while keeping its square shape .

2- Heat a saucepan over medium heat , then cook the dough until both sides change color and become a little solid .

And that\’s it , your Msemen is ready .

Homemade Moroccan Msemen Mlawi  Rghaif  Square Moroccan Pancakes
Homemade Moroccan Msemen Mlawi Rghaif Square Moroccan Pancakes
Traditional Moroccan Msemen Mlawi  Rghaif  Square Moroccan Pancakes
Traditional Moroccan Msemen Mlawi Rghaif Square Moroccan Pancakes

            The Msemen is served hot , in Morocco you can find it in GUELIZ  , at the GATO pastry shop .

The process of its preparation is somewhat similar to the one of bread and pancakes .

By following this method , you can only be sure  to succeed in your recipe .

Share with us in ¬†comment your opinions regarding today\’s dish and keep us informed if you try to cook it .