Are you perhaps looking for an easy recipe to make Msemen ? Is it your first time cooking it ? You found the right article

               The diversity of Moroccan cuisine is due to its openness to several

cultures , including Amazigh culture , although Amazighe cuisine is less famous than Moroccan Cuisine , but Morocco owes to Amazigh cuisine many recipes , including the dish we will prepare today .  

The Msemen is our article star for today  .  

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The msemen is a kind of pancake of Amazigh origin , which is very popular in the Maghreb ( in Morocco , Tunisia and Algeria too ) it is present in the table of all Arabs .  Althoughit this dish is really simple ; it remains very special and loved by everyone  .

The msemenis a form of \” pancake \” or bread that usually has a square shape , sometimes we find it in a  round shape.  Its name in Berber means \”well cooked\” or,  \” well kneaded \” .  

These pancakes  are mainly eaten with honey and smen, honey and butter ,  cheese ,  jam sometimes or simply nature.  The msemen can be sweet as it can be eaten salty . Just change a few ingredients and cook with a couple of different elements to get salty msemen . As for the stuffing ,  you can opt for minced meat ,  onions and pepper, or msemen with khlii which is also very good . 

           It can even be used as a key ingredient in the preparation of a dish , like for example  \”refissa\”,  which is a very popular  dish in Morocco . The msemen overlayer and flattened then cut into medium pieces , a  sausage is added so that it is not very dry .  It is served with onions , chicken or  pigeon . 

           Moroccans like to taste and savor this delight with honey and melted butter around a round table with mint tea, in the afternoon of a long cold autumn or winter day . It can sometimes be accompanied by a cup of hot coffee , and it can be served as a dish  in breakfast or in the holy month of Ramadan accompanied by chebakia.  

          The names of Msemen vary from country to country and from city to another in Morocco . Let\’s call it al – Mallawi  or  RAGHIFor they even call it Al marfouq in the region of Tawert , in  Tunisia , the  msemen also has the same name as in Morocco .  They call it Malawi  ,  and in Algeria it  has many names, including :  Khanshala , Um Al – Bawaqi  , Shalf ,  etc …

       What distinguishes this oriental dish is that you can make large quantities of it and keep it until you want to use it.

Here is a simple and effective way to conserve and store it properly :

       You can put it in a clean towel which has been placed in freezer bags , and then put it in a clean towel and cover it with aluminum foil in order to maintain its moisture and then put it in a hot sauce pan without oil to refresh it and that it regains its basic texture again .  

If this is your  first time preparing the Moroccan mseme  , get ready to have a little small workout. Its preparation requires a certain physical effort , it must be well  kneaded .  

Here’s how  to prepare it :

The ingredients you’ll need :

  • 400 g of flour  .
  • 400 g of durum semolina ( soft wheat ) .
  • 12 g of salt .
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder  .
  • A little oil.

Method and steps of realization :

  • Mix the flour , semolina  and add a little salt in a bowl .  
  • Add water and mix well until the consistency is soft smooth .

3- Now it will be necessary to knead the dough with the help of your fists  , gradually adding water to relax the dough  and repeat this action for at least 20 minutes  .

4- When you’re done , grease your hands with filtered butter  and divide the dough to small balls . Then place it in an oil -greased dish .

5 – Cover your dough with a sticky film and let it act for about ten minutes and during that moment .

Mix soft semolina  and baking  powder together in a bowl .

And in another bowl put the oil and butter to prepare it .

6. Then , spread a ball of dough on a surface greased with oil – so that it does not stick – until the dough becomes semi-transparent .

7- Sprinkle the mixture with butter  and  oil andupweed the mixture of  semolina  and yeast .  

8- Then fold each side and bring it to the center until you get a square shape .

9- Spread another piece of dough without bending it and place the first wrapped square in the middle .

How to cook Msemen ?

1- Once all the pancakes are finished , take back each box and then dispatch it slightly to enlarge it and so that it is a little thin , while keeping its square shape .

2- Heat a saucepan over medium heat , then cook the dough until both sides change color and become a little solid .

And that\’s it , your Msemen is ready .

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msemen photo 370x350 1

            The Msemen is served hot , in Morocco you can find it in GUELIZ  , at the GATO pastry shop .

The process of its preparation is somewhat similar to the one of bread and pancakes .

By following this method , you can only be sure  to succeed in your recipe .

Share with us in  comment your opinions regarding today\’s dish and keep us informed if you try to cook it .